Internship & Temp Placement

Our Internship placement is directed to fresh graduates looking for job placements with emphasis on on-the-job training. Internships may or may not be paid. Remuneration depends on the employer, some usually pay stipends to cover feeding and transportation. Duration is usually 6 – 12 months.

Temporary placement focuses on job placements where the working arrangement is limited to a certain period of time, based on the needs of the employer. Usually from one day – 6 months.

Whether you require temporary staff and interns or looking for temporary placement/internship, GUS Consulting LTD has the experience to meet all your needs.

These services cut across all sectors and industries in Nigeria. We have the capacity to fill any role at all levels within an organization. This includes but not limited to – Office Administration, Human Resources, Customer Services, Sales Reps, Finance/Accounts, Information Technology.

Our Internship and Temp services are of huge benefit to both employers and applicants.

For Applicants

An internship will give you the opportunity to:

  • Acquire vast experience and new skills in various sectors
  • Get a permanent job should you perform well and prove yourself to be valuable
  • Get valuable industry knowledge
  • Grow a professional network
  • Build your confidence in a professional environment

Temporary jobs will give you the opportunity to:

  • Gain more work experience
  • Experience working in different environments
  • Garner new skills. Each job role will bring with it the opportunity to add or improve existing skills
  • Open door to permanent jobs
  • Choose when you work and for how long you want to work

For Employers/Recruiters

We have a large database of candidates and we prescreen these candidates to meet your specification.

Benefits of employing Interns:

  • Opportunity to test candidates’ skills before making permanent offer
  • Interns will help carry out or complete projects and tasks
  • It can be a way of contributing to corporate social responsibility (giving back to society)

Benefits of employing the services of Temps:

  • Opportunity to engage temps on short-term projects
  • Engage temps in a situation where an employee is ill or requests an extended leave of absence
  • You can bring in temps to do specific work your existing staff may not be qualified to do
  • Employing temps will help you to meet project deadlines and handle pressing business demands
  • Opportunity to hire them on a permanent basis if you are impressed with their work

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