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GUS Consulting Ltd is one of the top Human Capital Development service providers in Nigeria. Our services cut across all sectors and industries.

Over the years, we have proven to be one of the best hands in the industry. For us, good is not good enough! We aim to be the best at what we do – providing clients with complete and bespoke solutions, built on a sound understanding of the clients’ business needs.

We have over 8 years extensive experience providing top notch HR services to companies in the oil and gas, maritime and Energy industries in Nigeria.


Our Team

Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts is dedicated to ensuring that our performance is perfectly aligned with our clients’ aspirations and business requirements. Our focus on value, competency, and continuous improvement keep the team at the forefront of cutting-edge industry practices.

We take pride in utilizing local expertise to consistently deliver best-in-class services to our clients.