International Business Ethics

This course in Business Ethics examines the following:

  • Why do organizations bother with ethical standards?
  • Is business ethics the same as Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • Is business ethics the same as compliance?
  • Improve understanding of advanced business ethics!
  • The relationship between ethics and personal responsibility

The course also examines areas that are too new, or too controversial, for society to agree on. Business ethics reflects the philosophy of business, one of whose aim is to determine the fundamental purposes of a company. If a company’s purpose is to maximise shareholder returns, then sacrificing profits to other concerns is a violation of its fiduciary responsibility – where does this like on the business ethics continuum?


The objectives of this two-day course are to embed the principles of business ethics and to provide an understanding of:



The course is designed for:

  • Anyone interested in finding out about business ethics
  • Legal departments and ethics practitioners who want to update their understanding or who are new to their roles
  • Employees, particularly managers, wanting to understand how organizations can put ethical commitments into practice
  • Those who have responsibility for producing and implementing an ethics policy
  • Other professionals interested in the relationship between financial performance and ethics
  • Senior managers/Board members requiring an understanding of ethics



On completion of this course, participants will have developed competencies that will see them flourish in their careers and become valued employees.

In particular, they will:

  • Develop the competency to identify and resolve ethical dilemmas
  • Acquire the competency to put ethical values into practice
  • Have the competency and confidence to embed ethical standards into their own and the day to day workings of an organization
  • Develop the competency to design, present and implement an ethics programmes



Day One:

  • The ways of thinking about business ethics
  • The pressures on companies to have high ethical standards
  • The business case for an ethics programme
  • Current issues companies are facing
  • How to identify and resolve ethical dilemmas
  • How organisations put ethical values into practice
  • How to embed ethical standards into the day to day working of an organisation
  • The governance of ethics programmes
  • Best practice in developing or reviewing a business ethics policy
  • The limitations of a code of ethics
  • Using the IBE Illustrative Code of Business Ethics
  • The key content and possible formats for a code the elements of an effective corporate ethics programme

Day Two

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Confidential Information
  • Information Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Records Management
  • Diversity
  • Making Ethical Choices
  • Whistle blowing
  • Workplace Respect
  • Adequate disclosures and effective decision making to achieve corporate objectives
  • Transparency in business transactions
  • Statutory and legal compliances
  • Protection of shareholder interests
  • Commitment to values and ethical conduct of business


Date: 21st – 22nd March 2019

Location: Four Points by Sheraton Plot 9/10 Block 2, Oniru Chieftaincy Estate, Victoria-Island Lagos.

Course Fees: N199,750

10% Early Bird Discount:
For companies that register 3 or more participants and individuals who register before 18th February 2019.

Training Provider: GUS Consulting Ltd. in partnership with Jasper International Academy


Course Facilitator

This course will be delivered by Dr. Marshall Potts, an International Business Consultant, and Management Development Specialist. He has extensive experience in Human Resources Management, organizational and personal development.

Dr. Potts is a Member of the Institute of Business Ethics and Global Ethics Net Geneva amongst other professional memberships.

With a background in Personal and Business Psychology – Transformational Organisational Change – Leadership, Management Development, and Learning, he has the credibility to influence senior decision makers, as well as the international business and training experience to make this course both memorable and informative.


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