Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming

This program is specifically designed to assist technical managers/professionals who want to learn and fine-tune their skills of motivating, communicating and managing their staff for peak performance. Technical managers can be so engrossed with the technical details of their role that their people management skills often suffer. This highly practical and interactive program will show technical individuals how to be better managers.



Technical and Professional Managers who are head of units, project team leaders and managers, supervisors, head of production teams who need to improve their management skills for improved productivity.



At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

»    Move successfully from a technical expert to a skilled manager

»    Master the necessary skills for effective people management

»    Set targets, manage self and time effectively and set standards for their teams

»    Explore the most successful techniques for motivating your staff/team

»    Learn how to manage difficult people and manage conflict for positive outcomes



»    Management Tools

»    Moving from a technical expert to a manager

»    Balancing the technical, organizational and management roles and skills

»    The art of people management

»    Leadership and Leadership styles

»    Effective communication and interpersonal skills

»    Techniques and tools for team building and team working

»    Target Setting and Performance Management

»    Self and Time Management

»    Customer Relationship Management

»    Managing and motivating your staff for increased performance

»    Managing conflict for positive outcomes

– Handling difficult people and behaviour

»    Developing Right Attitudes towards people

– Attitude and Leadership


Date: TBA

Location: 2 – Ostra Hall & Hotel, Lagos   |   1 – Royal Tropicana Hotel, Abuja  |  MAAS Central Hotel, P/ H

Course Fees: N84,000 + VAT

Training Provider: Human Capital Associates


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