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  • Date: 22nd - 23rd October, 2021
    This workshop in Maritime Codes and Conventions is an important professional development programme which delivers essential and practical education on the regulations which shape the maritime industry.
  • Date: 29th - 30th September, 2021
    The offshore operations course is designed to encompass all aspects relating to oil and gas activities. The subject matter gives a descriptive analysis from the creation of oil and gas, locating the deposits, the layout of subsea equipment, its extraction to its production and the equipment used.
  • Date: 15th - 16th October, 2021
    Provider: GUS Consulting
    This course is designed to provide all participants with a comprehensive overview of the valuable tools and techniques for improving their personal effectiveness and productivity in the workplace and in life. Participants will learn how to manage themselves better and plan better both personally and strategically.
  • Sale! Date: 29th -30th September, 2021
    Provider: GUS Consulting
    The Situational Leadership program exposes participants to the differences between management and leadership. It provides rich understanding of approaches to leadership with the aim of enhancing the leadership skills of participants.
  • Sale!

    Strategic Crisis Management

    Date: 9th -10th September, 2021
    Provider: GUS Consulting
    There are times when unexpected situations disrupt organisational functionality. This program is designed to give you and your people the skills to deal with a crisis that may occur at any time. Some organisations excel in periods of crisis because their people know what to do. Other organisations implode every time a crisis occurs.