How to Make Your CV Reflect Your Personal Brand

“I am a self-motivated IT Expert with a team spirit and the zeal needed to succeed at any role. I am a result-driven young self-starter with a boost of energy to deliver on tight deadlines…”

Is this familiar? These old, overused CV templates can send your CV to the recycle bin. If the above-quoted statement is similar to what you have on your CV then it is time you had a CV makeover to save yourself the embarrassment of applying multiple times without getting as much as a callback. A job search is tough enough, why not tip the odds in your favor by doing away with the tired lines, sell your personal brand and attract the attention of the hiring manager.

We are moving past the era of adorning CVs with robotic lines that shows no iota of creativity. As a person, you have a brand and that personal brand revolves around your career goals and passion. It is your duty to sell this brand using your CV just as you would your social media accounts either to find a new job, grow your business or expand your professional network.

Let’s cut to the chase; how do you achieve this?

  • When crafting your career summary or objective, substitute the overused resume jargons with action words that describe what you do, your value proposition, your skills, interests and career goals. Showcase and demonstrate qualities that are unique to you and relevant to the would-be employer.

For example: “I offer 4-year experience in Content Development with the passion for taking on complex projects from the idea stage to the successful implementation stage. I cover content areas such as texts, images, infographics, videos, polls/survey, white papers, and research depending on the unique needs of my clients.”

The above example clearly gives the recruiter an idea of your value proposition. Do not be in a hurry to copy and paste jargons you stumble upon on the internet. Take your time and think of the adjectives that best describe the actual work you do and value you offer.

  • Secondly, use action verbs to highlight the benefits you bring to the job by listing the things you achieved (value added) in your previous roles or projects. This backs up your value proposition and shows that you understand the business purpose of the role you’re vying for.

For example:

      – I have produced over 30 original contents within a month

    – Increased site traffic by 20% in 2 weeks

  • Lastly, list any awards or honors you have received in your past roles. This goes a long way to substantiate your claims.
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